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US & Canada Outlook for 2019

In the timeshare industry, there is an unwavering focus on innovation to constantly improve and deepen the ownership experience. Resorts are being creative in the ways they are adopting new technology, great social moments, and different on-site offerings. In the sales process, resorts are investing in technology to bring the owner experience to life, not just at the property where a prospective owner is staying or visiting, but across many properties near and far. Resorts are also testing new ways for people to own and access timeshare (such as long-term products) instead of a deeded piece of real estate. We have come a long way in the past 45 years, and it is incredible not only to watch, but also to be a part of, these ongoing transformations that help enrich the lives of timeshare owners.

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RCI Ventures Magazine US & Canada Q1 2016

US & Canada Q1 2016

Nearly every travel brand today aims to personalize their customers’ experience. If you give someone an individual experience, you’ve also given them an authentic experience, which is what today’s travelers are looking for. In this issue of RCI Ventures magazine, we delve into some of the trends shaping travelers’ and customers’ habits in 2016 and beyond, and what they are looking to experience when they go on a vacation.

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US & Canada Q3 2015

Over the last 40-plus years, we have gone through some radical transformations in the timeshare industry. We’ve accomplished so much in the past; however, it’s always important to think about the future. The “mobile first” world we live in affects all aspects of our business, from the sales process to communicating with guests while on […]

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US & Canada Q2 2015

There are countless ways to create, maintain, and even strengthen a deep connection with timeshare owners – during the sales process and beyond. In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, we explore some of these exciting opportunities. These solutions and services are driving results and helping RCI affiliates provide their owners and guests with unmatched […]

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US & Canada Q1 2015

In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, there is a prevalent theme of “change” and how change relates to travelers and traveling. Just as change is inevitable, so too is our ability, as an industry, to continue to evolve, enhance and promote the resort-vacation experience.

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