When It Comes to Experiences, Travelers Want It All

July 3, 2019

U.S. tourists crave both crowd-pleasing activities and those that are more tailored. Experiential tr...

Eliminating plastic straws

Reducing Plastic and Cutting Costs

June 25, 2019

Some resorts see significant financial benefits as a result of their eco-friendly initiatives.  ...

ETIAS Will Prescreen Travelers to Europe

June 18, 2019

The system’s goal is to provide simple screening—without a visa application.   Currently, U...

Authenticity on Social Media

June 12, 2019

Consumers want transparency from those they follow, but most brands aren’t providing it.   Wh...

Rio de Janeiro and Pao de Acucar

From E-Visa to No Visa

June 4, 2019

Beginning in June, U.S., Canadian, Australian, and Japanese travelers will be able to visit Brazil w...

Giza Pyramids And Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt

Rebirth on the Nile

May 29, 2019

As years of uncertainty give way to greater stability, Egypt’s tourism industry is bouncing back. ...

Baby Boomer Travel Is Not Slowing Down

May 21, 2019

Resorts can attract this valuable market with the right content strategy and the right offerings—b...

Found in Translation

May 15, 2019

Google tests out simultaneous interpretation at the front desk.   “Bonjour, je souhaiterais r...

Three Takeaways From ARDA World 2019

May 8, 2019

The timeshare industry must embrace change.   The news that came out of April’s ARDA World 20...

The Lessons of Boracay

April 30, 2019

Now open again after being closed because of overtourism, the Philippine island is managing its natu...

“Undertouristed” Destinations Carve Out a Niche in Global Tourism

April 24, 2019

Social media strategy can help lesser-known destinations attract more visitors while avoiding the pi...

Biometric Technology on the Horizon for Resorts

April 16, 2019

Facial recognition and fingerprint scanning may be the future of faster check-ins.   At its mos...