RCI Ventures® Magazine

In print and online, RCI Ventures magazine keeps readers updated on the news, trends, success stories, and best practices within the timeshare industry. Across the globe, versions of RCI Ventures magazine are published in Europe, North America, and Latin America, providing resort developer companies, resort management companies, and resort homeowners associations with the information they need to know.


About RCI 

Today, RCI remains the leader in vacation exchange, offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network and providing unrivaled products and services to enhance the vacation ownership experience. It’s one of the many reasons why more resorts trust RCI to deliver vacation exchange services to its subscribing members than any other company across the globe.

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About RCI Affiliates

There is nothing more important than a positive resort experience for timeshare owners. As the leader in vacation exchange, RCI is proud to affiliate with resorts that adhere to high standards of product quality and service. For more information on affiliating your resort property with RCI, please fill out this contact form. If you are currently an RCI affiliated resort interested in learning more about RCI products and services that can help provide you with added value and improve your owners’ experiences, view our sales tools.

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RCI Subscribing Members

RCI’s core business is exchange vacations – helping timeshare owners to exchange their vacation ownership for time at other resorts. So, to enjoy exclusive benefits through RCI, you must own a timeshare to exchange!

Timeshare, also known as vacation ownership, gives vacationers the opportunity to own condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts, which typically offer an array of amenities in popular domestic and international destinations.

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