The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), known as TATOC, is a non-profit making limited company formed in 1989. It was established to act as a networking group for the appointed members of timeshare owners’ committees but today membership is open to all timeshare owners.

Its primary objective is to promote high-quality standards for resort facilities and to encourage the efficient management of timeshare resorts through communication and education.

TATOC also lobbies and campaigns on timeshare-related matters with trade industry bodies and government departments, most notably lobbying on behalf of its members in Brussels in the creation of a new EU Timeshare Directive.

The organisation actively promotes the positive image of timeshare through all communication channels, hosts a dedicated website, runs a national help line and organises an annual conference with RCI being one of the main sponsors.

TATOC has successfully brought owners and resort management companies and operators together, fostering a working relationship between the two communities which is beneficial to both. It is now recognised by the media and the industry as the credible interface to the timeshare industry and is well on the way to being recognised as the voice of timeshare owners in Europe.

RCI has enjoyed a long association with TATOC, having a dedicated TATOC liaison officer and regularly sending RCI representatives to the Owners’ Committees’ Annual General Meetings. TATOC is there for RCI members and, though always representing its members’ interests and working for them, TATOC officers never fail to engage with RCI and its developers to find the best and fairest solutions to challenges or to investigate future developments to enhance the member experience. RCI would like to thank TATOC for its dedication to timeshare owners and its tireless work in lobbying Brussels during the EU Timeshare Directive review. RCI views TATOC’s input from a timeshare owner’s perspective to the Directive review as being invaluable in educating the EU ministers about the very many positives of timeshare enjoyed by millions of satisfied timeshare owners, as well as to the workings of our industry.